Corporate Headquarters

5847 San Felipe, Suite 3000

Houston, Texas 77057

Our primary business objective is to generate stable cash flows allowing us to make monthly cash distributions to our unit holders, and over the long-term to increase the amount of our future distributions by executing the following business strategies:  

Maintain Existing Production
In the Permian Basin, we will look to maintain or enhance our production from our operated properties through re-completions, development drilling and other engineering practices.

In South Texas, we will partner with Lewis in the development of a multi-year inventory of proved, undeveloped locations.

Acquire New Properties
Make accretive acquisitions of natural gas and oil properties in the known producing basins of the continental United States characterized by a high percentage of producing reserves, long-lived, stable production and step-out development opportunities; 

Ensure Financial Flexibility
Maintain a conservative capital structure to ensure financial flexibility for opportunistic acquisitions; and 

Reduce Commodity Price Risk
Hedge a significant portion of our production to reduce the volatility in our revenues resulting from changes in natural gas and oil prices. 

Competitive Strengths 
We believe our competitive strengths position us to successfully execute our business strategies. Our competitive strengths are: 

  1. Our high-quality, long-lived reserve base with predictable decline rates and an estimated reserve life of approximately 15 years;

  2. Our inventory of low risk, low cost development drilling locations, which provides us with multiple years of development opportunities;

  3. Our relationship with Lewis, which provides us with operational, technical and development capabilities in our South Texas operating area, and may provide opportunities for acquisitions from within its existing asset base;

  4. Our platform in the Permian Basin, which provides a base of operations to build upon going forward;

  5. Our cost of capital, which as a flow-through entity without incentive distribution rights, should provide us with a competitive advantage in pursuing acquisitions; and 

  6. Our strong financial position which should allow us to compete effectively for opportunistic acquisitions. 

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